prawo jazdy kategoria b warszawa

Professional driving course will prepare you not only for the theoretical and practical exam, but also allow you to master the correct driving habits necessary for everyday safe driving. Thanks to us, the car will become your friend, the intense traffic will not scare you and you will soon have your own driving license and enjoy independence. The offered course runs individually and takes place in the city of Warsaw. We used Hyunday i20 with a manual transmission just like on national exams.

Choose a category B driving license course offered by OSK Jedynka, get a driving license and enjoy the pleasure of driving on your own.

Category B: What documents will be needed before the course starts?

Before the start of the category B driving license course, you must create a Candidate Profile on the driver (PKK). To do this, You should go to District Authority Office ( poviat Starosty ) – communication department and submit the following documents:

  • a medical certificate confirming that there are no impediment to driving ( every Monday, Thursday and Saturday a doctor is present in our office )
  • one current photo size 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • ID card or passport with a registration certificate
  • parental permission in the case of a minor

With the obtained profile, please report to our office in order to enroll in the driving license course.

The course runs individually and includes:

  • 30 hours of theory ( on line )
  • 30 hours of practice ( clock hours )